P7 Networks uCPE Management Portal

We offer deployment from a range of VNF vendors certified by P7 Networks. Our extensive library consists of a wide range of VNFs. Besides providing flexible and agile deployment benefits, the portal provides a consistent management interface of the selected network functions and service-function-chaining of the VNFs. The VNF library comprises of the best of breed vendors simplifying the on boarding of VNFs onto the NFVI platform. User friendly GUI portal helps in network configuration, zero-touch provisioning, monitoring, and analysis.

P7 Networks uCPE Hardware

The combination of P7 Networks and a separate hardware technology company ensures a streamlined solution that optimizes networking performance and provides minimal footprint for both the platform and VNFs, resulting in very high compute density. It also provides a foundation for uCPE innovation.

Furthermore, in our "Bring Your Own Box" model, P7 Networks also provides a foundation that allows customers to bring their own hardware for service deployment.


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