The changing global scenario has called for future-proofing measures making it extremely important that our network can be managed and operated remotely, make that possible with…

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Protected: uCPE – Bringing the Power of the Cloud to the Telco Network

P7 Networks’ uCPE solution consists of a generic hardware platform, a vendor-agnostic virtualization layer and an extensive library of different virtual applications or VNFs.

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Basics of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Architecture

The traditional network devices are defined on a rudimentary architecture, because of that, both the hardware and software are customized and firmly integrated.

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The Rise of NFV

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is a concept which focuses on replacing dedicated network appliances — such as routers, firewalls, load balancers that have been…

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The Flourishing Market of vCPE/uCPE

The Telecom market of today is very dynamic. It’s rapidly changing. As a result, the expectations of the consumer keep on changing from time to time as new services become rapidly…

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Understanding the Universal of uCPE

The breakthrough technology of Universal Customer Premises Equipment is creating waves in the industry, understanding the very basics is very important here.

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