About Us

P7 Networks is an uCPE software and hardware solutions company, focused on creating and deploying cutting edge innovative solutions.

P7 Networks uCPE Suite is a lucrative option for enterprises and CSPs to efficiently deliver network services. It allows enterprises to leverage commercial off the shelf servers by replacing the traditional vendor locked-in devices. Enabling VNF deployment, VNF lifecycle management, service function chaining, monitoring, network configuration and more.

Introduction to this breakthrough technology:

Enterprises have an array of physical devices supporting multiple functions, applications, and services that are all ultimately, connected to the wide-area network via data connections (leased line, broadband, etc.). Having multiple physical units for each service is expensive, inefficient, troublesome to support, creates e-waste and generally inconvenient. In recent years, the networking ecosystem has witnessed a paradigm shift from proprietary routers to architecture with the wide adoption of white-box/COTS hardware deployed as vCPE/uCPE. Hence the concept that multiple virtual network functions (VNFs) (the software equivalents of each box) could reside on a single hardware unit that enables more VNFs to be added, updated and removed as and when required, either by a managed service provider or even by the customer himself is known as virtual CPE or universal CPE.


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